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IUMA: mayanunix

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Music from mayanunix revolves around death, mysterious phenomena, Satanism and Christianity, and revelation. Making no apologies, they allow the listener to draw their own conclusions. Coming from different religious backgrounds, their variegated philosophies culminate to create some interesting, if not refreshing music. Currently, the four members are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming EP: Subnet Mask. This self-produced effort follows the heels of their current demo release: All is Forgiven, featuring the singles Lazarus and The Sixth Finger.


Reviewer: jbau555 - - January 12, 2013
Subject: Creepy but cool
I am not the biggest ran of rap or hip hop music but when I found the song Lazarus I don't think I have ever heard rap lyrics like the one's contained in that song previously. The song pretty much gave me a creepy chill in a way that I would assume an encounter with a ghost would. I will be sure to play this one at my next Halloween party or seance.